A new section has been created called How-To.
This section will contain a list of control examples of use.
When you navigate to the How-To page you will notice some folder icons with control names.
These are controls such as Textboxes, Buttons, Panels etc.
When you click on a control you will see a brief example of using that control.
I don't go into detail about them but do provide a basic code snippet per control that will give you a example of use.
Not all controls will be listed right away but they will be added by a group.
Youtube Timer V.2 is out now.
This version has a new addition added on to the application.
I've tried to make it as small as possible so it's not in the way of your recordings providing you want it displayed.
If you don't want the window displayed during recording than that's fine, You may have your window not display in the taskbar and you can still minimize it than have it displayed whenever.
Click here for more information or head over to the Projects page and you can get more information there.
Welcome to the Visual Basic 2010 @ Weebly.
Right now i am still working on getting some more content up, work on some more projects and will later be working on some more video tutorials.
Right now there's a video section with just a few videos posted right now...more will be added.
There is also a Projects section which is where i will be uploading some of my projects i will be working on.
Most if not all will be available for everyone to play around with.
Thanks for visiting the site and stay tuned for more goodies :)