Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio is the IDE Platform that provides all the tools needed to develop your Visual Basic applications.
Not only can you develop Visual Basic applications but you can develop many different types of applications.
  1. ASP.NET web applications
  2. C# Applications
  3. F# Applications
  4. F# Applications
  5. Visual Basic applications
  6. Silverlight and many more

SQL Management Studio

SQL Management Studio allows you to perform all your database Queries which also includes
  1. Creating new databases
  2. New tables
  3. New fields
  4. Inserting data
  5. Viewing and removing records
  6. Attaching and Detaching databases
  7. And much much more


ASP.NET is a resource site for
It offers video training online or you can download them to your computer.
It also offers tutorials in AJAX as well as controls for your web based applications. also offers video tutorials however they are primarily focused towards Visual Basic.
They also offer downloads such as samples, Windows API Code Pack as well as Starter Kits.