Youtube Timer

In this video i will try to familarize you with the structure on how it's put together.
The reason for this is cause if you're not familiar with functions, how you can use them as well as class files than it may help.
When you open form1 in code view you'll notice a __Progress__() in the timer_tick event, so some may wonder what it does and what it means to the application.
I hope you guys find use of this little program when doing your own video tutorials or even adding on to it whatever way you guys want.

Creating Properties In Visual Basic 2010

I did a previous video on creating and using properties in our project. In this video i am going to show you how easy Microsoft made it in creating properties in Visual Studio 2010. There's a new Class Diagram feature that has been included that helps writing fields, properties, methods and more alot easier. This video focuses on the Properties

Working With Modules In VB 2010

In this video i will show you a way of using Modules throughout your project. This may not be the best way of using them but it is to give you a grasp of how you can use modules by storing lines of code within the modules file and calling the function in the main form.