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I just wanna share the concept of projects i make and you guys can modify it for your own personal use hense the reason it's open source.

Youtube Timer

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Previous Versions

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Youtube Timer V.2 is out now and has been improved by a little bit.
Here are a list of the changes made:
  1. A couple more options added
  2. Smaller layout with a new background look
  3. New notification
  4. Notification Settings
When you reach 8 minutes of recording you will get a notification balloon popup from your notifications bar letting you know that you have 2 minutes of recording left.
If you don't like the default message than you can change it from the Options menu.
If you choose from the Options not to show in the taskbar and decide to minmize the window during recording you can do so and you will still get the 2 Min notification.
Right click on the icon in the notification and click Show.